How it all started...

The first prayer meeting was held June 30, 1942 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Oakley. After a series of prayer meetings and a revival that lasted several weeks and included area pastors, a  formal constitution was created September 6th. Immanuel began with 17 charter members. Rev. Frank H. Marshall was called as Immanuel’s first pastor.

The church rented and converted a roadhouse on Hillsboro Road, the former Triangle Inn, until funds for a building could be raised and a church erected.

Expanding the vision...

A short distance from the roadhouse, a plot of land was given for the erection of a church. Ground was broken June 26, 1949 and the first service in the church was that same year on Christmas Day.

The formal opening took place March 5, 1950. A mortgage burning ceremony took place September 6, 1953. Rev. Marshall continued to lead the church in the new building. A recreational cabin, educational building, fellowship hall, kitchen, and parsonage were all added later.

In July 2001 the church voted to sell the property and build a new building. The last  service in this building was May 19, 2002. The church met at Riverside High School for the next 18 months.

Where we are Now...

Ground-breaking for current building on Hillandale Rd took place November 24, 2002. The first service was held November 30, 2003. A celebration took place April 14, 2013 when the mortgage was paid off January of that year.

In October 2018, Pastor Earl Echols came to lead Immanuel. The church began the process of revitalization as God began doing a work in this faithful church. In March 2020, Immanuel transitioned to outdoor services in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. During the next year the church began to grow in spite of the changes to the way the church gathered.

In March 2021, Pastor Jeremiah Chapman joined Immanuel as the Associate & Family Pastor.  The Lord has now given us the opportunity to be a part of Kids Camp, Youth Camp, Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, and Winter Conference.  As we continue to grow, it is our desire to see exponential growth in our next generation ministries.

Where we are headed...

In Summer 2022, we are welcoming Winshape Camps to our campus on Hillandale Road. We have started developing a recreational field that will be used for camp and for the community to use on a frequent basis. It is our desire to use the resources God has given us and the 16+ acres we have to provide the community with the Christ-centered resources for all ages.

We are currently strengthening our relationships with families, area schools. and new neighborhoods that are being constructed around us. We're on a mission to bring glory to God by serving people of all ages in our community with the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Every step is an exciting adventure. We would love for you to be a part of what God is doing at Immanuel. Consider planning a visit and talking with our Pastors about where you are in your journey following Jesus.

Be a part of our story